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Monday, April 04, 2005

They Cling To Old OS's Don't They?

I doubt many of you remember but about 6 or 7 years ago there was this little operating that couldn't. It was so obscure it barely even merited a mention in the magazines of the day. One spurt of enthusiasm and voila, it was consigned to the backwaters. It was called "BeOS" (pronouned 'be-oss'). In fact the only reason I know about it is through a friend of mine in Atlanta, Andy Satori, who used to harp on about it trying to convince mainstream unix freaks (like myself) that it was the new OS to go with. I never even saw it, to tell the truth.

Well now it seems that it is trying to stage a comeback. Some germans (yellowTAB) have hijacked this little-OS-that-couldn't and are packaging it as an office suite. Good luck! I hope they get relegated to the 6th Circle of Programmer's Hell for this (that's the one with everything in COBOL). Anyway here's the trackback: SlashDot, Anil, NewsForge.


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