This is a blog that was created to talk about web design. The both of us hope people can learn from this, even learn something ourselves maybe.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rounded Corners

I had posted on my blog about rounded corners, that I got from Stu Nicholls' site, and from there to the author of this wonderful trick, Alessandro Fulciniti. It is a very useful trick for making rounded corners without graphical addons, and you can find a use for it nearly everywhere.

Tuna Girl

Tuna Girl

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fav.ico Problems In (what else) IE

I have just recently begun my foray into the world of Web design, and on my most recent project I thought it would be nice to have the fav.ico on the address bar. I, of course, being new at this had no idea how to do so- LOL so I went to my friend's Blog, The English Guy, and viewed source to see how he had done it. I found what I believed to be the lines of code and transferred them to my file and sure enough, worked like a charm. UNTIL I tested it in Internet Explorer. The fav.ico showed up fine in Netscape and Firefox but not in IE. So hmmmm what to do, why search of course! I found one site that told me that if the icon wasn't created in 16 colors it wouldn't work in IE, so I went and made one in 16 colors and that didn't work either. I finally ran across this forum that had several references to favorite icon, what it is, how to put it in, etc- and scrolling down ran across a post that said if the site is not book marked in favorites that the fav.ico won't show- so I book marked it and sure enough, up it came. So if anyone has had this same problem, here's the solution!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Beware of the Dark Blogs, TypePadawan

Couldn't resist! Ok this article over at SlashDot highlights the ingenuity (and perhaps the desperation) of hackers and their ilk. There are some blogs creeping into the industry that are honey traps, waiting for unsuspecting people to come along, download something and get hit with virii and all kinds of nasty surprises.

Generally speaking, these are spread through IM's telling you about new blogs, and hold malicious code intended to screw with you. Supposedly, only about 200 or so of these exist, and in a multiverse of 8 million blogs that's not too many, and undoubtedly they will be unmasked quickly. Be warned!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The ease of blogging

After using Wordpress on the blog that rich talked me into starting and seeing how easy it is to change the look of it and to add content... well, call me crazy but I'm actually thinking of changing my coupon and savings site to a blog. I'm thinking of just starting all over, I wonder how long that would take me?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

MSN Spaces (Blog)

This is a quick article because I just want to tell you about MSN's new blog 'Spaces'. Clearly Microsoft is/was falling behind the times (many people have criticized them for not being nimble and reacting to new products/trends), and rushed this into development a few months ago, then got it into Beta testing. A LOT of people were rightly angry at them, because in their terms they clearly state that anything put into the blog is THEIR property (not yours). Talk about an invasion of privacy...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Linux vs. Microsoft?

I wrote a post about this on my blog, but I'm going to briefly mention it here too. It seems that Linux is rapidly catching up to Microsoft, especially among large organisations (such as Governments, read Brazil, Australia, Israel). The primary drive behind all of this isn't necessarily cost, since you still have to license Linux, but the open-source nature of the software. By its very nature Linux is constantly being updated, with new "killer" apps being written all the time (for free, hence "open source"), which Microsoft lags WAY behind in. When was the last time you heard of a Microsoft team offering something free for everyone to use? This is in direct contrast to say, Google, which pretty much brings out a new product every week, or Linux which you can find a literal plethora of programs for.

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Python Slithers Along

Well now, here's another language to start learning boys and girls! (That is, if you are a serious programmer and are looking to be employed by a big corporation like Google, Microsoft etc) Python! I took a look at it a long time ago, and didn't get into it because at that time I was really starting to get into the HTML (this was several years ago now). But it appears it is starting to rise on the horizon and would be a good idea to learn, on the side. SlashDot has the article, and here, and here, and here is a link to the Python Conference (PyCon).

They Cling To Old OS's Don't They?

I doubt many of you remember but about 6 or 7 years ago there was this little operating that couldn't. It was so obscure it barely even merited a mention in the magazines of the day. One spurt of enthusiasm and voila, it was consigned to the backwaters. It was called "BeOS" (pronouned 'be-oss'). In fact the only reason I know about it is through a friend of mine in Atlanta, Andy Satori, who used to harp on about it trying to convince mainstream unix freaks (like myself) that it was the new OS to go with. I never even saw it, to tell the truth.

Well now it seems that it is trying to stage a comeback. Some germans (yellowTAB) have hijacked this little-OS-that-couldn't and are packaging it as an office suite. Good luck! I hope they get relegated to the 6th Circle of Programmer's Hell for this (that's the one with everything in COBOL). Anyway here's the trackback: SlashDot, Anil, NewsForge.