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Thursday, March 31, 2005

More Work Out There

So I have added yet more work to my portfolio ;) I actually started blogging on here, on, but I started to explore WordPress (and convinced Mel to do the same). So I decided to see if this can be used for commercial purposes.

My first real foray into this was, which is a place for financial deals/coupons/bargains. I have had some limited success with this, mainly because it is hard to get blogs out there when there are so many.

My second try was, which I have had better success with, and I enjoy adding to this every day. My pagerank is going up significantly too, which I check often.

Now I started my own blog, so check it out here: and then I have JUST started another one for Jan, so she can talk about her Afghan Hounds here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Wordpress rocks, I recently switched.. I'm trying to find a cool template that I like.. so far i like the one i have now - anyway, my blog's url is I've got a page rank of 4 [if you know anything about page ranks and search engine optimization] and 309 pages indexed in google.. unfortunately it isn't more than that...'ve got a great blog here! -Paul

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