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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Argument Against CSS

Don't kill me Rich, but I found this article very interesting.


Blogger rrd said...

He has some interesting points, but all in all, he's wrong.

Divs can be sized using % values, so his "variable width" nonsense is, let's face it, farsical. The div can be precisely positioned AND be flexible too.

He is right about IE, and THAT is a business decision by Microsoft. You will notice that they just announced they'll be releasing IE7, which WILL be fully compatible... Up until then his argument had merit, for the 80% of the web that uses IE.

Also - IE is losing ground, and rapidly. FF and other niche browsers (Konqueror, Safari, Opera) are gaining ground; FF more so than the other - I just read they had 25 million downloads so far. For just a few months after real release that's impressive - Microsoft needs to be VERY worried.

Similarly, Konqueror and other unix based browsers actually support CSS fully, or let's say more than IE at least. These OS's are also catching up, especially as Linux is quickly becoming a favorite among the big boys. Sun's march towards mass success, while slow and fitfull, is underway again and that has to be something Microsoft needs to take into account.

Look - you CAN do webpages with tables yes. But remember that in a few years WHEN css2, xhtml, are all the 'de rigeur', you'll be thankful you learned xhtml/css and css based layout.

And when it comes down to it, in 5 years, the vast majority of the web will be animated, Flash based maybe. We are talking about now, and the general movement and concensus of 99% of the developers and programmers is towards xhtml/css and the separation of presentation and content; css being the presentation part of that, you're going to need it anyway.


5:03 PM

Blogger melody said...

Someone remind me to not argue with Rich again, hehe.

9:59 PM

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