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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

XHTML, the purists version

Hey I thought this would get you going, fabulous article from 456 Berea Street. It's a very good look at XHTML from the purist's view, and how in every day use it's actually quite hard to address these issues properly. Personally I take it as something to aspire to, I mean who doesn't want to follow the Standards and be proud of it, that's why we have the buttons on our pages in the first place right?


Blogger darknight said...

no we have the buttons on our pages because its what everyone tells you to do. It is really a mad crazy microsoft gag to track us all down and steal our ideas....AHHHHHH

11:37 PM

Blogger rrd said...

Well it certainly isn't Microsoft ;) The one company that DOESN'T follow the standards!!

11:17 AM

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