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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Reality of Non-Compliance

This has been a thorn in my side for a long time, absolutely drives me nuts. I used to code (a long time ago) with IE in mind then I was turned on to Standards Compliance in a big way. After reading a lot I realized it was more important than to pander to large corporate products (IE), so I transformed. Now I code Standards Compliant, and add in the "hacks" to make this horrible browser work.

Case In Point? Ok here it is. Electric Red. I coded it to be Standards Compliant, mainly testing on Firefox, the only browser that can say it is. It comes out fine, then the other day I looked at it in IE, and OMG, what a mess. I even looked at it using Opera, and Mother of God what a terrible crap shoot - there's nothing there!

Now, not only do I have to add in a multitude of hacks for IE, but I have to add them for Opera too! Ok so enough of the ranting, I just wish that Microsoft would release a browser that everyone can use! Oh and some other good news, Google has hired Firefox's leader programmer, the lowdown is that they're going to be releasing their own browser.


Blogger darknight said...

Not another dang browser - and rich I fixed something in IE I need to run by you. Notice how everything loads faster in FF as well....

4:08 AM

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