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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Non-Compliance cont.

I just want to add, and I know this was the point of Rich's post. Why the heck do we bust our butts to make our web pages complient if not all of the browsers are complient. Why would you even put out a browser that didn't follow the standards. Ok I am off my sound box, but I just got Opera and nothing works?!?! whats going on...


Blogger rrd said...

From a business standpoint it makes sense. Microsoft forces people to qualify on their systems, use Passport, use .NET, which reinforce consumer confidence in the Microsoft Brands. Despite all we say, the vast majority of us use Microsoft Windows, and are generally happy with it. Is it because we don't know any better? Or is it because Windows is so embedded in the fabric of the Internet that it would be simply impossible to change?

The W3C was formed out of the chaos of the early years of the 'web with browsers coming out pretty much every other month (N1, N2, N3, N4 etc.,) To ENCOURAGE competition, Standards were developed which has ultimately forced Microsoft to realize that backing those standards is in their best interests. Unfortunately for them, there are still some people out there that want to compete against them, and won't be bribed by big paychecks to do otherwise (firefox, Camino, Safari etc).

It's annoying to use web designers, because we have to cater for most of these odd quirky browsers. But then again we also have a choice - we can ignore Safari/Camino/Opera if we want because basically they don't have the market share.

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