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Monday, January 17, 2005

Image or Text, Image or Text ...

I do a lot of reading in the day, articles that I surf to, mainly about design and new places to go visit admittedly, but then again that's my line of business. So here I am sat, thinking about a site I'm working on and I think to myself, what would be more effective, an image to illustrate the point, or a piece of text with power-words in it to grab the surfer's attention?

My that's a pickle eh? Well it IS a good question, too! So I'm wondering what your thoughts are on this - if you want to get their attention to something and you NEED it to be clicked would you use a graphic, or a piece of text?

After browsing a lot, I noticed that many developers these days, use both. Or sometimes, a mouseover reveals text - this immediately grabs attention of course, as the surfer has to read what it is, so it's clearly effective.


Blogger darknight said...

Image man... think about this. You are surfing along and you hit a web page that has some crazy image on it, you gotta click it and find out what it is. I find that a combination works well. Make up some crazy eye catching image and then but something like "click me, if you dare." Who the heck is not going to click that image. Flash is even better...hehe

9:05 AM

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