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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Do you people flash or no?

Hey guys,

I was wondering about some things, see I am a graphic designer by nature who just so happens to have an aptitude for code. While our fellow brit has got me learning CSS and all the high level fancy XML (my tables just aren't good enough) I do know quite a bit about flash, and photoshop for that matter. But flash is more important for us as web designers, so here is my question I put to you. Would you like me to start posting little flash how-to's here? And if so what are your current levels of understand actionscript and such so I know where to start...

Darky out!


Blogger rrd said...

YES! I dont see why you shouldn't, can't we all benefit from some ActionScript work? ;)

1:50 PM

Blogger melody said...

So Darky, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who our fellow brit has talked into learning CSS and the likes. As for flash, I know just a little, use it very little, and usually I use SwishMax for flash because I'm totally lost in Macromedia Flash. I would benefit greatly from your how-to posts!

11:09 AM

Blogger darknight said...

yeah CSS is something that I knew before and then I stopped using it and lost it from my brain, it is coming back to me now ;)

10:36 PM

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