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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Designer's Cluttered Computer

Although not strictly dealing with any design issues, I thought I would post this because I'm curious. I had been browsing some guy's blog and he had said how many windows he had open so it got me thinking. Here's what I have right now (12:18pm,Monday,Jan 10):

Computer One:
Firefox, with 6 tabs;
Winamp, with my current fav bands (Jimmy Eat World, The Killers);
IE, for testing purposes (I hate IE for everyday use);
Netscape, 3 tabs open;
Opera, just one tab open, testing;
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, 4 tabs open, all on one site;
Adobe Photoshop CS;
FlashFXP FTP client;
MSN Messenger, w/ 2 open convo's;
2 File Managers open, looking for stored graphics;

Wow, and it STILL runs! :)

Computer Two:
MSN Messenger, w/ 2 open convo's;
2 File Managers open;
ProtoWall, an IP level firewall;

This computer is mainly used for file storage, my music dump, zip files etc., But nonetheless it is as powerful as the other in terms of everyday use (not for gaming though). I'm sat behind both of them, it's like something from NASA, those guys in the control room!

So what about you? What are your desktops like? Full? Close?


Blogger melody said...

Ok, I'll bite. Mine, right now (10:20 pm) has the following things open:

3 MSN Messenger convos
Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Photoshop
Calculator (forgot to close it earlier)
3 Netscape windows (one with 4 tabs)
WS_FTP pro (twice)
NoteTab pro (9 tabs)
Swish Max

Now I'm really curious, so... how about the rest of you? Whats open on YOUR computer right now?

11:24 PM

Blogger melody said...

Also rich, I'm curious. You have 2 convos on msn, on 2 different computers. Is that 4 convos in all or both computers showing the same convos? lol

11:26 PM

Blogger rrd said...

Hmm the convos are all different, not the same people. I have several msn id's so I tend to separate work from personal.

8:42 AM

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