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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Re: Sites to gawk at...

Yeah so I was pawning thru some of the sites Rich pu tup and I went to the spacefx one. nice site but he really should have sent you here
This is awesome, I don't think I could do this yet, with what I know of flash which is nice because it shows so much room for growth. It also shows how smooth flash can be with our insane load times.


Blogger melody said...

Yep thats a great flash site, Darky, so are the sites in their portfolio. I know very little about flash. My knowledge of flash stops at using flash templates, or maybe using it for a little text effect, as I did on the banner at the top of this site. I wouldn't know where to begin in making an entire flash site like that, although I've been telling myself forever that I'm going to learn.

7:32 PM

Blogger rrd said...

Yeah that is an awesome site! I should have put it up :)

9:22 AM

Blogger rrd said...

Check this out:

10:53 AM


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