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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mel, XHTML continued? ;)

Ok Mel I had a few more thoughts after our conversation the other day, so here goes :) These are some of the things that need to be considered when moving from pure HTML to XHTML (loose, transitional, or strict):

  • ALT attribute (please don't say ALT 'tag'); this is REQUIRED on IMG tags - it's also a good practice to add a TITLE attribute too, the same as ALT

  • Tags without ending tags REQUIRE '/' (i.e., <br> becomes <br />

  • The FONT tag is deprecated, move all font styling to stylesheets!

  • The TARGET attribute is deprecated, the validator will snag it every time. The solution is to use JavaScript and event handlers: onclick="'_blank';return true" this example sets the target to '_blank'

  • lower-case; ALL tags, attributes, properties etc., are to be in lower-case

I'll try to keep this updated as I remember more, and post some good links for everyone. It's not all that much different to be honest, just a few alterations are all that's required.


Blogger melody said...

Ok Rich! I'm going to attempt to change one of my smaller sites starting tonight. Prepare yourself for a blast of questions, lol.

11:52 AM

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