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Friday, December 24, 2004

Just a few sites to gawk at!

I was browsing this morning and I found a couple of sites definately worth taking the time to browse through. The first is a ipod-based site which is innovative and to the point, it makes use of the space and uses a rather vivid color for the background. The second site is a design studio called face3media which I think I might steal the concept from, again it uses the space and it's quite simple. Finally, this beautiful site (made with Flash) makes me drool, and it should make you drool too!


Blogger melody said...

Aren't they all flash? They ALL make me drool. In the third one, the site makes me drool, but the homes shown in it make me drool more. :)

11:17 AM

Blogger rrd said...

I think you're right! All flash. I will try to get XHTML based sites more in the future, but I just wanted to get these out there because they are inspiring. A lot of the stuff I do is inspired elsewhere, on the web, or on TV commercials, or even in daily life.

1:40 PM


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