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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Integrating Flash Into XHTML (and validating!)

Lately, Darky and I have been working on a project, which will involve writing a Flash section into the XHTML page. Since flash isn't "standards" compliant, there are several methods to use to integrate it into the page. I read a small section on A List Apart about it a few months ago and then a couple of days ago, I found this amazing article. SO, if you want to maintain Standards Compliancy, and validate, this is the way to go!


Blogger melody said...

Ok, I'm just learning xhtml, I am attempting to convert one of my older sites from html to xhtml. This site has a small flash file on the first page, which is the only page of the site I was working on. Rich helped me use "object" for the flash as described in the article. It works in Netscape but just hangs there in IE. Help?

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