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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Cyber Mingling

A small business person used to go to events to mingle at an attempt to find new clients/customers. Now everyone is online. Cybermingling. Its just too easy. You don't have to dress up and go be nice to all the stiff suits and put up with this persons older wife hitting on you or any of that crap. Everyone, EVERYONE is online. You can find any group online and get clients this way. I just miss GETTING DRUNK because NO person online can buy me a drink, lol. Email that martini would ya? Extra dry, thanks.
And this is what I think of that:


Blogger rrd said...

HAHAHA! Gin'n'tonic with a twist of lemon here please, and THIS much gin with this much tonic ;) Too true though, there's a cyber group for everything these days.

11:13 PM

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